How one school achieved assessment consistency with Learning Ladders

Safa Community School has transformed the way its staff work and communicate together, ensuring a high level of consistency across their curriculum.

If you're considering Learning Ladders, then you'll want to see how it's worked in other schools. Find out how Safa Community School implemented Learning Ladders to achieve consistency in the way staff assess. 

In this case study, you'll discover:

  • How Learning Ladders can be personalised for your school
  • How the platform improves collaboration amongst staff 
  • How Learning Ladders encourages independence in children 

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“Learning Ladders has created something with a great interface which is easy to use, but at the same time they are constantly evolving the product based on feedback from people like us. This is how we like to work – we want to know the people we work with are a) listening to us and b) always thinking about the children.”

— Leanne Fridd, Head of Primary, Safa Community School Dubai 

Learning Ladders
Learning Ladders

Actionable conversations about progress

Create a bespoke curriculum for your school, or use our curriculum statements and subject ladders where you choose. Combined with pupils’ individual progress booklets, teachers and pupils can plan for success.

With Learning Ladders, formative assessment drives discussions about each child’s needs, allowing them to fully understand their next steps.