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The best way to improve results? Unlock parent power!

Matt Koster-Marcon
Oct 29, 2019

Studies show time and again that the single biggest influenceable factor in a child’s academic outcomes is actually the quality of support for learning that they get from adults outside of school.

But, just because it happens at home, it doesn’t mean that schools cannot tap into this.

Schools who are able to proactively build partnerships with families and create alignment between what happens in school, and how the child is supported at home, are the schools where children are truly given a chance to flourish.

Uniquely Learning Ladders is able to link ongoing formative assessment to our bank of pre-written Parent Tutorials, meaning that without any additional work for staff schools can not only share EXACTLY what skills and knowledge every individual child is currently working on, live, in granular detail, but can match this to a short parents tutorial explaining how parents (or nannies, tutors, grandparents, siblings!) can help their child at home.

The British School of Muscat - International Independent School of the Year 2019 - have successfully changed their approach to supporting parents by bringing much of the interaction online, even stopping the traditional termly parents evenings in favour of 15 minute consultations for 4 parents each week.

The video below gives a flavour of their success, but do click the 'Request a demo' button to schedule a free online chat with me to explore more how unlocking parent power (and improving formative assessment) could help your school.


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