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Home Learning during school closures

Matt Koster-Marcon
Apr 06, 2020

Learning at Home during school closures

More than ever primary teachers now need to support parents at home, so they can in turn support their children. One only needs to watch the news or look at any social media to see how parents are struggling!

For the first time parents have been thrown into the space of supporting their children’s day-to-day learning. Work is in many cases being emailed daily, but often with little support aimed specifically for parents around how to support their children.

I look on my social media feeds and see the frustrations of carers trying to get their heads around what it all means and how to teach it. Teachers are trained with concepts, but how do we get parents to scaffold learning effectively from a standing start?

Most parents have (reasonably) always left it to schools to manage children’s education, but now the tables have turned. It could well change the education landscape moving forward as parents realise how much our schools do.

We have all experienced the scenario, when you ask a child to tell you what they learnt at school today? Normally there is no answer or just “I don’t know” or “I can’t remember”

The reason for this is simple - we have not educated children to articulate their learning with adults at home. As teachers we are trained to draw the information out of a child to ensure understanding and to start those very important conversations, but parents are not. They need help.

We all know that when children talk about their experiences everything comes to life and they are so much more motivated. The question is do we really allow children to take ownership of their education objectives?

If we can get our children to have open conversations with their peers, teachers and parents there would be a greater chance of academic success. Giving parents the tools to support their child at home is fundamental. Wouldn’t it be great that parents really understood what the objectives were? Wouldn’t it be even better if this was possible without burdening teachers with yet more work?


Parent support

Learning Ladders completely supports both teachers, students AND parents with home learning. Via our Ladders at Home platform parents can view exactly which objectives are being currently worked on for their individual child, set by their teacher.

This ‘WHAT’ my child is working on is then automatically matched to parent tutorials within Learning Ladders, so parents know ‘WHY’ their child is working on it, but crucially are then also upskilled so they know HOW to help at home.

Our tutorials cover the whole primary curriculum for Reading, Writing and Maths, so work alongside whatever scheme of work a school uses. They are also in over 100 languages, perfect to support EAL families. And can be downloaded, for those without internet access.

We’ve been upskilling parents for years, long before Coronavirus. In 2020 we were awarded the prestigious BETT Award ‘Best System for Whole School Learning, Teaching and Assessment’ as well as being shortlisted ‘Best System for Home Learning and Parental Engagement’.

In these challenging times schools need a ‘safe pair of hands’, someone who can help with crisis management but also be a partner for the long-term.

We’re here to help. Just reach out to arrange a conversation.

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