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GEMS Education appoints Learning Ladders

GEMS Education
Jan 17, 2019

GEMS Education appoints Learning Ladders to lead the way in improving Arabic and Islamic teaching and assessment in UAE schools 

Learning Ladders, the leading assessment and parental support system for schools, is delighted to announce its latest collaboration with GEMS Education. Having worked with a number of GEMS Education schools across UAE for some time, Learning Ladders will be introducing their new Arabia module to all GEMS Education schools in the Middle East. This will allow the schools to implement a rigorous Arabic, Islamic, social and moral education curriculum, as outlined by the UAE government and championed by the KHDA/DSIB inspection body.

This is an exciting time for Learning Ladders: having been nominated by GEMS Royal Dubai School for a COBIS Award earlier this year, Learning Ladders is now looking to help even more GEMS Education schools achieve Outstanding status. Learning Ladders’ ability to introduce Arabic and Islamic curricula across its platform, while other brands of assessment tools are unable to offer these features, was just one of the reasons for the nomination for this prestigious award.

Learning Ladders’ Founder, Matt Koster-Marcon says:

“We are delighted to be working with GEMS Education, one of the leading school networks in the Middle East. We are the first and only company to develop a specific module for Arabic, Islamic, social, moral education and are thrilled to be able to support local schools.”

Since new regulations and a new curriculum have come into force, there is now a greater focus on delivering a meaningful Arabic and Islamic curriculum. The new criteria mean it is difficult, if not impossible, for schools to be graded Outstanding without evidence of Arabic, Islamic, social and moral education, which is where Learning Ladders’ Arabia module dynamically aligns. GEMS Education is leading the way in embracing these changes by taking on board this specialist system developed with Learning Ladders, and it was launched across all their Middle East schools at a special event held in Dubai earlier this month. 

Ian Jones, Vice President Schools at GEMS Education, says:

“It is vital that schools can show students’ progress in all core subjects.  Learning Ladders provides that facility uniquely for Arabic and Islamic Studies and places them on the same footing as other core subjects.  This allows for better planning, delivery and reporting, which will benefit all our students, parents and staff.”

The content for this module has been carefully developed with local school leaders, then tried and tested with local pupils. This is an evolving system and will in time also include content for parents to use at home to help embed learning. Children are at the heart of the Learning Ladders tool and actively involved in their personal learning journeys. This way, a vital dialogue is created between school, home and child to create a holistic approach to learning.

The next step for Learning Ladders is to continue to work with local Arabic subject leaders to continue refining this content, so there is constant improvement, and a community of experts can be built into a high-functioning Arabic teaching network to collaborate and share best practice.

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About Learning Ladders Education:

Learning Ladders is a multi award-winning system used by leading schools around the world to improve formative assessment and parental support. Their unique approach helps create integrated and collaborative school communities where all adults are able to effectively support children’s development.  The Learning Ladders Arabia module has been developed specifically in the UAE to support implementation of the new Arabic and Islamic curriculum.

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