Find out how this Abu Dhabi school effectively replaced Classroom Monitor with Learning Ladders

How Al Rabeeh school made the switch from Classroom Monitor to Learning Ladders - and the positive impact it is already having just a few weeks later

If you’re considering replacing your existing platform with Learning Ladders, then you’ll want to see how we have helped other schools to do this. Read about how Learning Ladders helped Al Raheeb school to make a smooth transition from Classroom Monitor. In this case study, you’ll discover:

  • How Al Raheeb school made a smooth transition to Learning Ladders
  • The positive impact the platform is already having just a few weeks later
  • How the school got staff on board to make the change a success 


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Al Rabeeh School, Abu Dhabi

"Last year we only had English, maths and science on our assessment system, but now we have all foundation subjects, too, because it’s so simple and easy to use. It’s a tool staff want to use rather than asking “Do I have to use it?”

— Andy Smyllie, Vice Principal Al Raheeb School, Abu Dhabi

Learning Ladders

Actionable conversations about progress

Create a bespoke curriculum for your school, or use our curriculum statements and subject ladders where you choose. Combined with pupils’ individual progress booklets, teachers and pupils can plan for success.

With Learning Ladders, formative assessment drives discussions about each child’s needs, allowing them to fully understand their next steps.